Places to Visit

Palace on Tapti River of Faruqi & Mogal’s
Queen Mumtaz’s Spa base of TAJ -MAHAL situated in the MOGALBAG PALACE
Divan-e-aam, [House of commons] Fountains, Gardens etc.








Queen Mumtaz’s Spa
Hamm (spa) of queen Mumtaz Begum, she was taking bath in water & three perfumes i.e. khus, kevda & gulab. The painting of toumb (Taj Mahal ) is shown,paintings of Crowns of Emperor SHAHJAHAN and Begum MUMTAZ.







Unique Mosque Having Arebic & Sanscrit Script
The only Mousque in the world having script in Arebic, Sanscrit and Farsi, The beautiful example in India unity in diversity & marvelous example of architecture &carvings in rough black stones.







Dargah -e-Hakimi of Daudi Bohra Comminity
Daudi Bohra community toumb of Maula Abdul Kader Hakimmuddin Saheb, Sy. Sheikh Jivanji saheb, Sy. Abdul Taiyab Zakiuddin saheb.







Only Working Water System of the World
World’s Unique Water system, where water travels without pump from 80ft. Deapth to ground level after travelling 3kms. Search &devloped by Ab. Rahim Khankhana, courtier of Empror Shajhan







Asirgarh fort for Mahabharat Period
App. 3200 ft. high fort of Mahabharat period where Lord Shivas historic temple and Farooqui Mousque is worth to visit. This fort is covered by two other forts : Malay Garh and Kamar Garh. It is one of the Unconquered Forts of India.







Mahal-Gulara 800yrs. Old Mud Dam
800yrs. old mud dam on River badi Utawali Emperor S h a h e j a h a n Constructed the pool & rest houses on both the sides.







Mumatz Begum breathed her last in the palace and her body was kept here for 6 months and the construction of Toumb [Taj Mahal] was suppose to begin. Entrance gate can be seen over here. In Mogal India it was known for the most beautiful rose garden.






Guru Grinth Saheb Signed by Guru Govindsinghji
Signed by Hon’ble Guru Gobindsingji in golden ink on hand written Grinthsaheb in Guru – dwara. 24 hour Lunger [meals] facility is available.







Shanwara Gate
Main entrance gate of 8km. long Fort Wall of B U R H A N P U R. Amongst another 7 gates this gate is having 3 toumbs 2 minarets and rooms with hall on it. Five Jharokhas gives a Palacial look.








Dashera Balaji Mela









Tajiya Moharram Mela A

Lord Krishna’s Temple: Ladleshji Mandir of pure gold statue about 513yrs,old.
Shantinath Jain Temple: 298 yrs, old, Carving on pillars and glass work
Toumb of Shahnawazkhan Beautiful paintings ( Frescos)
Faruki king: Beautiful carvings in Arebic.
Toumb of Hazaratshah Nizamuddin Saheb: Sufi of Chisti family.